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Eugeniy Lovchev: It’s a miracle for me
Eugeniy Lovchev: It’s a miracle for me 14.07.2012 18:05

Eugeniy Lovchev: It’s a miracle for me

“One of the most important persons for “Spartak” football club and Russian soccer in bulk” – said Dmitriy Glushko about the new Ambassador of “Children of Asia” Games, famous soccer-player and popular sports announcer Eugeniy Lovchev.

Eugeniy Serafimovich Lovchev – Champion of the USSR – 1969, Bronze medal-holder of the Olympics 1972, played as a member of World team in Garrincha’s farewell match (1973) in Rio de Janeiro.

He says that his highest achievement is the title of The Country’s Best Soccer Player in 1972.

It’s not the first time the famous soccer-player and announcer visits Yakutsk: “I remember my first visit, I remember “50th Anniversary of Victory” Sports Center. And other sports objects didn’t exist yet”.

The Vice-President of your Republic was guiding me today. I’ve been shocked when I saw new sports objects. I thought that they were built three years ago or so, but they turned out to have been built in June-July of this year. Such events like “Children of Asia” International Sports Games, the Olympic Games in Sochi and World Soccer Championship 2018 stimulate the construction of new sports objects and develop sports.

Eugeniy Serafimovich had time to see several boxing bouts in State Circus of Sakha Republic. But most of all he was interested not in techniques or results, but the emotions of young athletes. Especially those, who were defeated.

-They are doing a good job, - shared with us veteran of national sports,-They shake hand of their opponents, thank referees, timers and only after that they can let tears come out.

Eugeniy Lovchev honestly said to journalists:
-As for me, I think these tears are the most honest. For me, as for athlete it is the most valuable thing.

Among new sports objects of Yakutsk, Eugeniy Lovchev most of all liked indoor soccer arena. As a professional, who spend a lot of years on coaching and travelling around the country, he noted:

-Seems like nothing up to Ural doesn’t have the same one.
At the same time Eugeniy Lovchev critically talked about the situation of Russian Soccer. He thinks that the players of current Russian team got spoiled by money:

-Years ago, we were playing for the love of audience, not for our “pockets”. We wanted to prove that fact to everyone, that we are the best. And it is possible only when you are playing by your heart. On Euro – 2012 soccer fans and supporters of the team were expecting the Russian players after they have lost to come to the audience. The soccer players had to thank these people who were supporting them.  And it’s very disappointing that our players don’t care about their fans. It’s wrong.

As a professional, who saw sports objects and competitions that are held there, Eugeniy Lovchev said:

Sport – is my job. And I’ve seen a miracle today. Because it’s all for us and our children.

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