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Mohammad Ali is on the “Modun” stage
Mohammad Ali is on the “Modun” stage 14.07.2012 15:45

Mohammad Ali is on the “Modun” stage

In July, 13 in the universal hall of the “Modun” Sport Complex the first competition day in mas-wrestling was held. Young athletes from 6 counties competed.

To see mas-wrestling is so enjoyable!

The first wrestler to compete was Mohammad Ali. Yes-yes, it is the name of a Palestinian athlete who is also a namesake of the best boxer ever. Unfortunately, he lost to Meylis Vepayev from Turkmenistan who was heavier on 7 kg.

Dmitriy Ozerov, a tall smiling boy from Kazakhstan is really universal sportsman. He had good results in track and field athletics, yakut jumps. Now he has won the 3rd prize in mas – wrestling in 68 kg weight category. One should mention Ismail Mahmud from Palestine, who has been doing judo since early childhood and now has become a bronze medalist under 55 kg.

On the final Ayaal Zhegusov, Pavel Kychkin, Alexey Struchkov, athletes from Yakutia, have become gold medalists.

After the competition Mr. Abdallah from Palestine and Ivan Ivanov – Lambada from Yakutia were on the stage. The way they showed a mas-wrestling was exciting and wonderful. At the end emotional Mr. Abdulla became a winner.

Champions and prize-takers

45 kg 
1. Ayaal Zhegusov (Sakha). 2. Egor Zakharov (Sakha). 3. Sandagdorj Munkhdalai (Mongolia). 

55 kg 
1. Pavel Kychkin (Sakha). 2. Ариан Соломонов (Sakha). 3. Ismail Mahmoud (Palestine). 

68 kg 
1. Alexey Struchkov (Sakha). 2. Innokentiy Popov (Sakha). 3. Dmitriy Ozerov (Kazakhstan).

Кем создан (имя): (Ganya) Гаврил Скрябин
Вид спорта:  Мас-рестлинг | Mas-Wrestling
Объект:  РЦНВС "Модун" им. В. Манчаары | Modun Sports Complex

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