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The best is yet to come
The best is yet to come 09.07.2012 23:47

The best is yet to come

Ibrahim Al Shammari, a head coach of Kuwait soccer team, kindly shared his thoughts and impressions about the Games with us.

Our young guests Hazaa Aljadaan, Abdulla Madauh, Meshaal Alenazi, Bader Tariq and Suleman Bager said that they really liked Yakutsk. All of them were born in 1997. The head coach noted: “We are not seeking for Victory, but we are building our team. Participating in such Games is a good experience for the boys. We are preparing for the Cup of Asia which will be held in September.

All sportsmen have been playing soccer since they were 9 years old. We belong to the Kuwait National team, and we had been informed about the “Children of Asia” Games just 1 month before. We have an aim to set friendly relationships”. As true sportsmen they train hard every day. Concerning the food one of the boys said that it is different from their home food, nevertheless he liked it at the end. Mr. Al Shammari underlines the fact that local people are extremely friendly and very welcoming. He is impressed by the support of the audience during the competitions on the stadiums. The most surprising thing for our guests was “White Nights” phenomenon. The boys said that sometimes they can’t sleep since it’s not dark enough.

The children already made new friends; they are happy to be friends with athletes from Kazakhstan -their neighbors in the Olympic Village residence. They got acquainted with them at the Opening Ceremony on the 5th of July. The rain at the Opening Ceremony did not spoil their mood at all, on the contrary they were glad since it is very hot in Kuwait, the temperature reaches up to +50 C and it hardly ever rains. In such weather conditions the Arabian Gulf rescues them from boiling heat.

As a coach Mr. Al Shammari believes in his pupils. He prepares them for the Cup of Asia – 2016 and the World Cup – 2017. So the “Children of Asia” is a perfect start for young sportsmen.

We wish the best of luck to the future soccer stars!

Кем создан (имя): (Ganya) Гаврил Скрябин
Вид спорта:  Футбол | Football

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