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The Diaries of the Games Have Been Published
The Diaries of the Games Have Been Published 08.07.2012 13:40

The Diaries of the Games Have Been Published

There is not a single big sport event in Yakutia, that doesn’t pass without media attention. A professional team of sports journalists of the media group "Sitim" are the main conduit between readers and the competitions.

They published diaries of the following big competitions of the international, Russian and republic levels: Championships in boxing, freestyle wrestling, sporting, World Cup of indoor soccer , tournaments in the native kinds of sports of Manchaary Games, winter sports and the work collectives of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Sports Games of the people of Yakutia. It is their third tie when they are working with International Sports Games "Children of Asia".

Chief editor of the newspaper "Yakutia’s Sport" Alexander Poselskiy, despite his young age, professional experience and has turned out a wide audience of readers. The newspaper "Yakutia’s Sport" released in 2005 and is popular among the population. The newspaper became a fixture in major competitions and is presented in a presentation to the guests of the republic.

On the second day of games, on 6 July the second number of diaries. The Director-General Media-holding "Yakutia" Maria Khristoforova, expressed gratitude to the Department for Press and Broadcasting in the RS (Y), represented by Deputy Chief Nikolay Molchanov of close cooperation and support.

Blogs are released daily, the circulation is 3000 copies, 16 July. It’s distributed by volunteers in sports facilities, places of accommodation, meals guests and participants of the games.

Кем создан (имя): (Turantaeva) Нария Турантаева

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